Department 19 by Will Hill

Every boy will love this book. Jamie Carpenter is an average teenager with a very unusual family history. After witnessing the brutal murder of his father and then kidnapping of his mother, Jamie ends up in the secret government organisation Department 19. He soon discovers his father’s and grandfather’s links to this secret organisation, which was originally established by Van Helsing to fight supernatural forces in the aftermath of his battle with Dracula.

When I first heard about Department 19 my first reaction was “not another book about vampires”. How wrong I was. This is not just any other book; it is exciting, full of suspense and horror, with brutal vampires and a compelling plot. The action scenes are simply breathtaking. I couldn’t put this book down and am eagerly awaiting the sequel.

For more about Department 19, check out the website or watch the author explain the plot here:

Recommended ages: 12 – adult



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3 responses to “Department 19 by Will Hill

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  3. After I read your review about Department 19, I’m so gonna read this.

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