The Power of Six by Pittacus Lore

The most highly anticipated book in the library so far this year. After the success of I am Number Four, the boys have all been counting the days until The Power of Six arrived.

This series deals with the nine alien children, the Garde, who fled to Earth from their home planet of Lorien when it was attacked by the Mogadorians. The only hope for the survival of Lorien are these nine children who are now teenagers. There are Mogadorians on Earth, hunting down the nine Garde who can only be killed in numerical order. Three was the last to be killed.

I am Number Four was so exciting and successful, I was concerned about the sequel. However, The Power of Six does not disappoint. We meet up again with number Four John Smith, and his sidekicks Bernie Kosar and Sam. Number Six is a central figure in this book, which also follows the story of a new character: number Seven. A further member of the Garde is introduced at this book’s conclusion.

Like the first book, I read this one in two days. It hooked me from the beginning and had me frantically turning the pages well past midnight. This book is sure to please the most reluctant reader.

Recommended ages: 12 – adult



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