Reading Rule 10

10. Don’t ever give up.

All children reach developmental milestones at different times and I believe that children become true readers in their own time. I know one teenage boy who didn’t become a reader until he was 16 years old and picked up his first Michael Crichton book. I’ve also met a 7 year old boy who had no trouble reading the fifth (and longest) Harry Potter book. If you have followed all the rules and your child is still a reluctant reader, don’t give up. Focus on one rule and persist.

When our children are young we have a great deal of influence on them, and by following the rules we can develop a love of reading in them. Sometime we do need to continue our efforts into the teenage years. It is important not to give up.

Many adults will tell you they didn’t become readers until later in life. Conversely, many parents will tell you their children were excellent readers when little, but gave up reading as they grew up. The fact is, all these people are readers – it just happened at different times in their lives. Sure, there are peaks and troughs. I’ve been through reading droughts in my adult life, but I always return when I find the right book.

Your child will become a reader if you follow the reading rules. In developing a reading culture in your home and encouraging a love of books in your child, you will bestow one of the greatest gifts on your child – the joy of reading. Just don’t give up.

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