Top 10 heroes for boys

Whilst these heroes come from fiction that is classed by publishers and booksellers as “boys” fiction, the characters I have chosen are champions for both boys and girls.

To me, a hero is someone with many qualities. A hero displays bravery of course, but humility as well. A hero is intelligent but self-deprecating at the same time. A hero is industrious and enterprising, with an excellent sense of humour. Above all, a hero in a boy’s book must be entertaining.

My top 10 heroes for boys fulfil some or all of these qualities:

1. Harry Potter (by J. K Rowling)

Harry is brave and resourceful, yet he is far from perfect. He is not a particularly good student and is shy around girls. He makes enemies and he makes mistakes. Yet he is a true friend, both loyal and honourable.

2. Alex Rider (by Anthony Horowitz)

Unlike Harry, Alex is intelligent and pretty cool. He can speak other languages, is pretty handy with weapons and other devices and is great with the funny one liner.

3. Shane Schofield aka Scarecrow (by Matthew Reilly)

Scarecrow is a legendary Marine and revered by teenage boys everywhere.

4. James Adams (by Robert Muchamore)

The protagonist from the first twelve Cherub novels, James is intelligent, good looking and successful with the girls. He is a bit of a lad, which contributes to his appeal.

5. Greg Heffley (by Jeff Kinney)

Greg is the narrator of the successful Wimpy Kid franchise.I think kids love Greg so much because he is an “everykid”. He may lack many or all of the talents of the heroes in this list, but what he lacks in sophistication he makes up for in sheer determination and heart.

6. Percy Jackson (by Rick Riordan)

There is something very appealing and alluring about a boy who is also a half-god. Maybe this is why girls especially love the Percy Jackon series.

7. Biggles (by W.E Johns)

What’s not to love about this timeless young pilot and adventurer?

8. Artemis Fowl (by Eoin Colfer)

Yes, I know he’s a criminal mastermind, but he is such an entertaining one. Artemis has the mind of a man in a child’s body.

9. Huckleberry Finn (by Mark Twain)

Huck is brave, independent and quick-witted. Despite overcoming adversity he retains an appealing innocence.

10. James Bond (by Ian Fleming)

007 needs no explanation. A special mention to the Young Bond books by Charlie Higson, which follow James’ life from his teenage years.



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