The power of books

I have just had a post about reading memories published by the online magazine Mamamia. Whilst the title chosen for the piece refers to the huge influence certain books have on us, my intention in writing the post was more about highlighting the powerful ability of books to trigger memories from different periods in our lives.

You can read the piece here.



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2 responses to “The power of books

  1. Jessica S. Manuel

    Great article. I tend to connect reading a book with where I read that book. These memories are especially strong when I read a specific book while traveling. I read the Autobiography of Malcolm X on a hammock in Hawaii looking at the ocean every time I’d turn a page. I read Catch 22 on a train from Philadelphia to Raleigh… things like that. Sometimes the geography is home and then I associate my reading experience with my corresponding life circumstances. Books truly do read you.


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