The pleasure of reading

How sad I feel for those who have never experienced the joy of reading, the pleasure of escape, the feeling of being transported into another world by carefully constructed typewritten words upon a page.

I am currently in the throes of a blissful reading experience thanks to a recommendation I spotted online. First Tuesday Book Club is celebrating the 2012 National Year of Reading with a “10 Aussie Books to Read before You Die” promotion.

Journalist Annabel Crabb (herself a sublime wordsmith – make sure you read her weekly column in the Sydney Morning Herald) made a recommendation  in her usual charming and erudite fashion, voting for the Grand Days trilogy by Frank Moorhouse:

Thanks to Ms Crabb, I am now rapturously residing in 1920’s Geneva, following the exploits of the vibrant, witty and beguiling Edith Campbell Berry as she undertakes employment in the fledgling League of Nations.

Moorhouse is not to every reader’s taste; however I am blissfully in the midst of a reading affair with his novel, stealing away into a hidden corner with him whenever opportunity arises. I only wish it were possible to convey the sheer pleasure and simple delight of this experience with professed non-readers.

(If your child or teen proclaims to be a non-reader, don’t forget my Reading Rules, which will encourage all reluctant readers to enjoy the wonderful world of books).


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